There are Well-Mannered People

February 05, 2020 –

There are well-mannered people, and there are bad-mannered people in the world. The same opportunities keep presenting to the same people all their lives because they show either manners or lack of manners. There is no in-between.

Holding the door for a lady or elder couple to enter a building, for instance.

A well-mannered person says, “Here, let me get that door.” “Thank you for holding the door.” The bad-mannered person jumps ahead of a lady with a cane and acts if no one is standing there.

In a restaurant, a well-mannered patron thanks the cashier taking their order. A bad-mannered cashier puts the change in the patron’s hand and moves on to the next customer.

Driving in traffic separates the well-mannered from the bad-mannered. The good-mannered people slow when the light turns yellow. The bad-mannered people close their eyes and barrel through the red light.

Well-mannered people drive through the neighborhood slow watching for kids. Poor mannered people race through the area like they are targeting kids.

Well-mannered people Rsvp an invitation. Bad people forget to acknowledge the invitation and come anyway.

I will not tell you which kind I am but don’t show up at my party without a reservation.