The Point Where the Normal Church Became Subnormal and Why

June 19, 2019 –

I am struck by the idea that there seem to be two primary causes for the decline in church attendance: the first cause is external, or outside the church, and the second reason is internal or within the church.

We need not spend a considerable amount of time on the external causes, over which we have little control. The focus should be on internal reasons. It is when we look inward that we understand the words of the cartoon character, Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Some people say we don’t worry about attendance; there are only two options. We can give up or let God do it. Many have given up, claiming we can do nothing to change the trend. Others await a miracle from God; it’s His Church. There is a third choice that’s summed up in four words: Pray and get busy.

While declining attendance is the obvious symptom of the problem, the solution is not clear.

Starting with the early church and moving forward to the contemporary church, something happened that cause the normal church to become subnormal. What happened, why it happened, and how we correct the problem is the subject of my blog for the next few weeks.