The Early Church vs. the Contemporary Church (cont’d)

July 10, 2019 –

The members of the early church were committed to gathering together and devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, experienced fellowship, breaking of bread, and dedicated to prayer. They were busy about the Lord’s work and expected the immediate return of Jesus. “It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak.” (Luke 12:38, NIV)

The contemporary church member attends church without commitment and observes others engaged in learning, experiencing fellowship, breaking bread, and he or she notes those around who pray.

The early church members were participants; the contemporary church member observes. Each has its own method of spreading the Gospel; the original Christians shared the good news with their friends and neighbors; today, we pay people to tell others about Jesus

Here are a few reasons people give for attending church.

Why we attend church?

–       It’s a family tradition

–       So the kids have a moral upbringing

–       To be noticed by other people

–       Provides personal comfort in times of distress

–       Get closer to God

–       To hear sermons

–       Listen to music

–       Be with friends

–       Try to fill a void in our lives.


Why should we gather to worship?

–       To increase our sense of community

–       To experience fellowship with like believers

–       To improve our knowledge of God

–       To experience the sense of the Holy Spirit

–       To bear one another’s burdens

–       To train to witness

–       Meet the needs of people

–       To pray

–       To emphasize that at the foot of the cross all people are equal

–       Expect the imminent return of Jesus

–       To affirm and re-affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior

–       Make a public statement of our discipleship

–       Makes me feel good