Summary All Roads Lead to Jericho

August 8, 2018

Today, Christians know all roads lead not to Rome, but to Jericho. Spiritually, there are four roads:

  1. The Road to Jerusalem or the “Road of Salvation” where we experience a rebirth.
  2. The Road to Emmaus or the “Road of Revelation” where God reveals Himself to us.
  3. The Road to Damascus or the “Road of Designation” where God gives us a mission.
  4. The Road to Jericho—the “Road of Participation” where our faith is tested. Somewhere on the road, Jesus asks the traveler, “Who is your neighbor?” Our answer and reaction to His command, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” determines whether we hear, “Well done thy good and faithful servant, enter into my rest.”

Characteristics of the Four Roads:

  • Each road requires movement toward the destination.
  • Each road has obstacles to overcome.
  • Each road is walked in sequence. No road is walked before the road before it.
  • Each road has its reward.
  • Each road brings you closer to a walk with God.

As we journey on the first three roads—Jerusalem, Emmaus, and Damascus, we experience the Love and the transforming power of God.

  • Jerusalem the opportunity to be transformed from being a sinner and lost to being redeemed and saved
  • Emmaus the chance to be converted from a doubter to a believer
  • Damascus the opportunity to be changed from being self-directed to being God-directed

As we journey on the Jericho road, we demonstrate our Love for God through our love for neighbor. Jericho is the opportunity to be transformed from a spectator into a participant…from being self-righteous and unconcerned about the loss too being broken hearted and having a sense of responsibility for the condition of the lost neighbor. One steps outside the box.

Christ arose from the grave to save us, sanctify us, and send us. Christians experience salvation, are separated from their sins and sent out to tell others of God’s saving grace.

First, you come to Christ

Next, you walk with Christ

Then Christ commissions you

Next, you love your neighbor