March 20, 2019

The best time to plan your day is early in the morning while your mind is fresh and unencumbered and open to creative thought. This is called, “Reflective Time”—a time to contemplate how you choose your day to end and what actions you will take to ensure success. AM reflective time is about turning the things you need to do today into the PM things you’ve done.

Reflective Time is an invitation for you to achieve your goals, reduce your stress, and live a happier life. This focused, contemplative 15 minute morning session with yourself is not to supply you with something you’re missing. Instead, it’s designed to unleash what already exists in you and to unlock the potential you have.

During Reflective Time, your goal is to look at the day ahead and make sure you will do the things you need to do. During this time don’t watch TV or listen to the radio or check your emails. Block out all the noise clamoring for your attention.

I find there is nothing like a pending deadline to sharpen a person’s focus. Val Kilmer captured the importance of a deadline this way: “Without deadlines and restrictions, I become preoccupied with other things.”

A journalist must get his story written by the deadline if he hopes to see his article in the paper or on the newscast. Essential reports for COB today means that between now and close of business, you must do only things having to do with completing the report.

Knowing how you want the day to end, guides you to do those things that help you achieve that end and not do things that have no bearing on goal achievement.

You achieve six benefits from predetermining your day

  1. Seeing the end of the day at the start of the day enables you to develop a plan for getting things done.
  2. In determining daily goals, you discover ways to achieve them.
  3. Helps avoid the “activity trap” and encourages you to work today only on those activities that connect you to your goals.
  4. Setting daily goals develops a sense of urgency and commitment.
  5. Achieving today’s goals motivates for tomorrow’s tasks.
  6. Life is more exciting and rewarding when you live today as you planned it instead of waiting to be surprised at the end of the day.