Paying the Price to Serve God

June 27, 2018

God’s call to faithful service demands a decision. Believers are free to choose whether they serve or not, but with the choice comes responsibility. We have freedom of choice but not freedom from outcomes.

Chose God’s Will    The Outcome

Jeremiah                  Faced death

St. Paul                    Murdered

St. Peter                 Murdered

Stephen                   Stoned to death

John the Baptist    Beheaded

 Chose Their Will     The Outcome

Moses                      Forbidden to enter the Promised Land

King Saul                 His kingdom was taken from him

Jonah                       Thrown into the sea and swallowed by a great fish

Rich Young Ruler   Went from Jesus, sad and unhappy

Adam and Eve         Lost fellowship with God

Are you willing to pay the price to serve God faithfully? Yes. No. You pay the price with either choice. But, the investment pays off handsomely in deciding to follow God’s will.