September 4, 2019 –

When we face obstacles, we are uncomfortable. We often find growth opportunities in the challenges we face. We should take the advice of the author Frank Clark, “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

A friend of mine told me an excellent story that shows how to overcome obstacles. Back, when he was in high school, he had a problem understanding chemistry.

He studied twice as hard as he did for other classes, asked a classmate to tutor him. And he met with friends, the night before any exam, to group-discuss the material that could be on the test.

Nothing helped to improve his grades.

Although the chemistry teacher, a grumpy older man, stated several times in class that he wasn’t to be bothered with student problems. The teacher’s philosophy was, “I teach it, you learn it.”

The obstacle standing between my friend and a passing grade was the grumpy teacher who had struck fear into my friend. He had two choices: ignore the obstacle and fail the course, or make an appointment to see the teacher and hope for help. He requested a meeting.

To his surprise, the teacher greeted him, smiled, and asked how he could help. After the initial shock of the greeting, my friend told the teacher, “I just don’t get chemistry.”

“Good,” the teacher said, “We are half-way home; you know and own the problem. You recognize it as an internal obstacle you have direct control over. Let’s discover why you are not fond of chemistry. After, he asked several why questions, I found the real reason I didn’t like chemistry. My parents wanted me to be a doctor, and medical schools require a knowledge of chemistry. I want to be an entrepreneur, and founding and growing business don’t need any chemistry.

The obstacle to doing well in chemistry was my friend didn’t want to be what his parent wanted him to be, a doctor. His heart was into entrepreneurship, no medicine.

When King Saul saw the Giant Goliath, he became afraid; why he lacked faith. The little shepherd boy, David didn’t see a giant, why, he had faith.

How do you see obstacles?