March 11, 2020 –

My son was right, “Order a trash dumpster and get it done.”

I find the fifty-four years of marriage-collectibles are not another’s treasure. Your kids, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends don’t value your books, old magazines, magical river-bed rocks, Christmas decorations (plastic angels, hand-carved by Michelangelo), or anything cherished. Today, people prefer a simpler life with less stuff.

My stuff must go to the county trash landfill via a Dempsey Dumpster.

Pairing down your treasure can be a difficult job, which is why you probably need to start today. Though it is hard to get rid of items, don’t let this deter you from downsizing.

I don’t know what the next chapter holds but, it won’t include a two-car garage overflowing with cherished heirlooms and a 10×12 antique storage unit full of possessions that no longer play a role in my daily life.

My goal is to have fewer possessions and live a lot more.