Your Prayers Are Not Answered Because…

February 19, 2020


I wrote this a few years ago when I was going through a job search. I will leave it as is, but the message remains the same for whatever you are going through or whatever decisions you have to make.

So as I’m going through the process of resume making and answering questions from my career change company, I was getting more and more frustrated and drawing blanks, which was causing frustration. A good friend nudged me to go to the Word.

Since James 4 has been imprinted on me for months now, I went there. Verse 3 says your prayers are not answered because your motives are not right. (My paraphrase). So as I seek another job, am I praying for it and about it with the right motive in mind? I need to make a living, but why? I need to support a household, but why? To pray for a job so I can make a living and support my family and not be a burden on others and help others is noble, but is it the motive God seeks?

I believe He is saying ‘Greg, it is still all about MY kingdom, not yours.’ So the motive for my job search should be for God to lead me in the direction (whatever that is) that most glorifies Him and most furthers His Kingdom. I pray my motive will be just that, and that clarity comes.