In 1995, I taught a young married adult Sunday school class (the former designation for a Life Group), and I realized that many of the class members lacked basic Bible knowledge and application principles for the information they did possess.  I came face-to-face with questions like, “Is this event, person, or place in the Old or New Testament?” “When did the event happen?” “Where did it occur?” And, “Who was involved?”

Each Sunday I challenged the class to explore not only the lesson at hand but the rest of the story. Chronology timelines and the geographical locations of cities and countries were a part of the discussion, as well as, people and their customs. Secular history—Greek and Roman—added background and understanding.

This basic knowledge should be learned early in the Christian’s life. The three essential questions the class ought to have been wrestling with were, “Does God’s Word, spoken thousands of years ago, have a message for me today?” “What is that message?” and, “How do I apply the Word to my life?”

The Bible study time should have been used to discover ways the members could use the Bible knowledge to help them carry out God’s specific plan for their lives. Over time, as I worked through the lesson presentations, I came to realize that God was not only dealing with the class but, just as importantly, He was dealing with me. God was working in our class, and He invited us to join Him on a journey that would lead to a walk with Him.

This blog is for every Christian, who has experienced disillusionment, disappointment, and frustration on their journey from the Cross to everyday life. Having stepped out in faith, they received Life, but they fail to experience the promise Jesus speaks of in John 10:10, “I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”

My goal in writing this blog is not an attempt to prove anything. It is about inviting you on a journey that you can travel as far as you like and for as long as you care.

Walk With God” is written to challenge you to reexamine your relationship with God. The degree of success of this blog is a measurement of the positive difference in your life. Let this be a guide for you to one day hear God say, “Well done (your name), thy good and faithful servant, enter into My rest.”