There’s Hope for the Hungry

March 25, 2020 –

By Greg and Theresa Nalls

This incredible story is about a young man and his wife who travel their own Jericho Road.

Unfilled in his business job, Greg turned in his resignation and had only one plan in mind: to do God’s will. That’s an example of courage, trust, and faithfulness, to leave a well-paying job and have no job waiting.

“Many of you know I work for a ministry called There’s Hope for the Hungry. We have four directors and countless volunteers that take their time to pack boxes or go on the road with us to counsel.

My wife Theresa Fair Nalls posted a photo of one of our trucks/trailers yesterday and asked for prayers as we go out and with the decisions we make as we try to minister to people across North Georgia. I’m thankful for that and our thoughts and prayers. We are finding so far this week our numbers are up – we set records at three of our locations. I loaded 180 boxes for Thursday for a church in Dalton, Ga. I gave out by 11:30. I’m usually there from 10:00-1:00 and see half that number.

The need is very significant, as people in some places are finding it difficult even to find food. People are already losing their jobs, and that increases the need. I must admit that before I joined this team, I was woefully ignorant of the amount of poverty, addiction, and need right around us. Eye-opening. I am amazed by our ministry partners. They care so much and are located right in the middle of all that.

We hear stories that will break your heart, then rejoice when someone comes to know the Lord. And we pray with everyone we see. Most of these people have never heard someone pray for them, much less use their name. We share the Gospel with everyone who does not know Jesus. It is truly the best job in the world. If you have questions about this ministry, please contact me. P.S. We are adjusting the way we usually provide, in light of COVID-19, but we are still going out four days a week with three trailers traveling in different directions.”

Greg’s wife, Theresa, added.

“Please pray for my husband and his colleagues and volunteers as they are out in North Georgia today, serving those in need during these uncertain times. The need is as urgent as it has ever been to feed God’s people physically and spiritually with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for the health and safety of these servants who are answering the Lord’s call.”

Wayne’s Note. Keep in mind, as we travel the Jericho Road with Jesus, we encounter many service opportunities disguised at potholes.