May 29, 2019 –

Many Christians struggle to answer the question of how do I plan, so I carry out God’s plans for me? What roadmap do I use, so when I get to Heaven, I will hear God say, “Welcome, well done thy good and faithful servant?”

For the next weeks, I am focusing on God’s Three Spiritual Plans: The Plan of Salvation, The Plan to Walk with God and God’s Personal Plan for you.

Of all God’s creation, humankind is the only creature with the ability to plan his or her future. The Bible says God conceived, designed, and created the world, and all that is in it. God envisioned a desirable future and then created a plan for making that future a reality. God created man in His image. So, men and women have this same ability to conceive, plan, and design. We are creative people.

For many believers, salvation is a ticket to heaven, nothing more. People are saved to serve, not sit, and wait. God has a purpose for you, and He shows that mission as you and He develops your spiritual plan. It is through spiritual planning you come to discover the purpose of your life.

Many Christians are guilty of spending more time planning for their worldly success than for their spiritual progress. They don’t take the time to develop spiritual goals, strategies, and doables that will challenge them to move to a walk with God.

You can test the validity of these statements by answering these three questions:

  1. “What are my spiritual plans?”
  2. “What does God want to do through me?”
  3. “What am I doing right now that will bring me to a walk with God?”

The inability to quickly and precisely answer these types of questions shows a failure to plan.