January 15, 2020 –

In your Spiritual Plan, God will supply what; He will leave the how up to you. Some goals are tailored to you. Christians may share other goals throughout the world. But the doables—action steps—needed to reach these goals are based on individual spiritual talents. 

Every Believer’s goals need to relate to the spiritual vision. Goals must be tied to your spiritual vision to align your actions with the ultimate purpose of walking with God. 

  1. List potential spiritual goals. On a blank sheet of paper, write a list of things you would like to see in your spiritual life.
  2. List things you would like to accomplish because you love God.
  3. List things you would like to accomplish because you love your neighbor.
  4. List things you would like to accomplish because you love yourself.

Don’t limit the possibilities or probabilities. Expand your list to include all your spiritual dreams. Study your list and distill it down to cover the two to three goals under each category that challenge you. 

Review and prioritize your list of goals under each category. Study each goal to make certain it is a goal you would like to accomplish, and you’re willing to work to achieve.

  1. Transfer your final list of spiritual goals to the Spiritual Plans Worksheets. In the first column, write one sentence describing each of the spiritual goals. Be clear. Each goal should be simple, measurable, attainable, and relevant. Vague goals do not translate into clear-cut action. For each goal, finish the sentence, “I will ________.” 
  2. Determine the real reason you want to accomplish each goal. Once you have your list of goals under each of the categories, you need to determine your reason for accomplishing the goals. When you understand why you want to achieve the goal, you will work harder to achieve it. You are looking for the real why or purpose. Your answer begins with, “because.”
  3. List strategies for accomplishing each goal. Take each goal and develop a strategy or strategies for its achievement. In column two list, how over time you will achieve your goal. 
  4. Develop and list the Doables. List beneath each strategy specific actions to achieve each goal. Always ask, “How does this action move me closer to a walk with God? Never engage in unproductive Doables. Once you have listed the doables, prioritize them in order of importance so you do not waste time on low priority tasks.
  5. Monitor your progress. Once you have a list of strategies and doables written, you can monitor your progress toward achieving your goals. As you achieve each do-able and strategy for the goal, notate the date and check it off the list. Early on, it may be necessary to review your spiritual plan daily, weekly, and monthly. When you feel more comfortable that you are on track to accomplish your goals, it is unnecessary to review or monitor your plan as often.