Seven Steps to Acquiring a New Value

November 7, 2018

To replace old values with new values and old behavior with new behavior, we must allow God to work in our lives through these basic four steps.

  1. Identify the value you want to acquire. Be specific. You need a precise, identifiable value. Experience proves the more definite and focused you are in defining the value, the more easily it will be to add it to your internal value set. If you are unsure of the value you need, ask God to identify it for you. Through prayer and His Word, God will reveal the value or values you need to internalize.
  2. Determine “Why” You Desire the Value. Make certain that the value is indeed important to you. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this particular value? Is the behavior reflective of this value important to me?” If you answer “yes,” then you will be motivated to acquire the value. If you answer “no,” you need to discuss this paradox with God. On the one hand, you think you desire to acquire the value, and on the contrary, you are not committed to the exterior behavior this particular value generates.
  3. Visualize the response created by the new value. See yourself acting in a way compatible with the value. How do you feel about your new actions? How does this behavior affect others? The clearer you see yourself doing the new activities, the faster you will incorporate the value into your value system.
  4. Ask God to Help You Successfully Internalize the New Value. You must be clear about the value you desire to acquire. This new value conflicts with a currently held value or values. The acquisition of a new value means the forsaking of old values, behaviors, and attitudes. It takes great effort to acquire new values. There are three steps to acquiring new values.

–    Step One. Your desire to change provides the fuel for the initial discontent and movement.

–    Step two. The Holy Spirit provides the breakout power.

–    Step Three. The Holy Spirit and you unite to provide the maintenance power to continue the change.

To walk with God, you must eliminate your secular values and internalize godly values. This action requires a supernatural power, God’s power. Without God’s help, your attempt to implant His values will fail.

Just as the body fights to reject a foreign implant, the heart may initially reject the new value. In these cases, you need to be continually in God’s Word and on your knees in prayer. Prayer reinforces this desire for a new value.

Steps 5 -7 are covered next week