September 25, 2019 –

“A person challenged with an extraordinary spiritual goal—to walk with God— can achieve extraordinary results.”— Wayne Nalls

God’s Master Spiritual Plan is the Believer’s fundamental—non-negotiable—approach to spiritual growth and a walk with God. The plan comprises five distinct sections: 

  1. Master Spiritual Goal— What God wants you to achieve.
  2. Master Spiritual Vision— Why to achieve it.
  3. Master Spiritual Strategy— How to achieve it.
  4. Master Spiritual Doables— Actions to take to carry out the strategy.
  5. Master Spiritual Values— Fundamental, unchanging principles upon which to build a righteous life.


God’s Master Spiritual Goal for all people remains the same as it was for the first couple—God created people to walk, fellowship, and commune with Him. So, the Christian’s single most important goal is to walk with God, and everything he or she does is a means to achieve the target. 

People invest their time, talent, and possessions in those things that help them reach their goals. It is vital that you understand the Master Spiritual Goal. Failure to achieve happiness and peace with God is traceable to incomplete or false definitions of the Master Spiritual Goal. It is impossible to achieve what you can’t define. So, God establishes the Master Spiritual Goal. 

Spiritual Vision is the purpose or reason for achieving the spiritual goal. The Master Spiritual Vision answers the question, “Why to accomplish the Master Spiritual Goal?” Uncovering the purpose or reason for achieving the Master Spiritual Goal gives a sense of purpose and creates enthusiasm for reaching the goal.


The Bible is very explicit about the importance of Vision. “Where there is no vision,” the writer of Proverbs wrote, “the people are unrestrained” (Proverbs 29:18). Without knowledge of the will of God and a purpose for living, people will flounder.

God promises every Believer a reward. Your desire should be to walk worthily of that reward. Have the courage to pursue a walk with God. Open yourself to the opportunity. Allow yourself to connect with the Holy Spirit, His power, and His resources. God’s power will make your spiritual Vision become a reality and make sure that you will hear God say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.” 

Where there is no vision of the future, there is no service in the present. Until you can see yourself standing before God, you won’t stoop to help a neighbor.

Now that you have the Vision or purpose for achieving the Master Goal, you are ready for the Master Strategies. Strategy answers the question, “How do I accomplish the goal?”