February 26, 2020 –

Have you noticed that people excuse themselves from helping someone in need by placing the responsibility for the need on the in need individual? “If they are hungry, need clothing, sleeping on the street, they should get a job.”

It isn’t just the down and out; it is every person, with encouragement, we can shake off the situations that limit us.

At age 76, Grandma Moses saw the possibility of being an artist.

At age 39, Martha Stewart saw the possibility of being more than a stockbroker.

At age 24, Stephen King saw the possibility be being more than a janitor and living in a trailer.

At age 30, Harrison Ford saw the possibility of being more than a carpenter.

At age 80,  Moses, with God’s encouragement, saw the possibility of being a deliverer.

At age 31, the Apostle Paul saw the possibility of a changed life.

At the age of 31, St Augustine saw the possibility of being a Christian.

When was the last time you saw the possibility of someone and took the time to encourage them?

Maybe people should look at the situation and see an opportunity and commit. Even better, understand the possibility that in lending an ear, this person could be what God created them to be.

People blame their failure on chance, but people travel the Jericho Road, not by luck or fate. They travel the road because it offers opportunity and possibility.

  • Possibility is stronger than age.
  • Possibility is stronger than education.
  • Possibility is stronger than current economic circumstances.
  • Possibility is stronger than skin color, place of birth, and political leaning.