June 19, 2019 –

In the last several weeks I have written about the importance of spiritual planning, because spiritual planning plays a significant role in the believer’s ability to change.

Knowing the benefits of spiritual planning can help develop a sense of urgency in developing your plan for walking with God.

  1. During the creation phase, spiritual planning clarifies the believer’s relationship with God.
  2. Once in place, spiritual preparation acts as a navigational compass to guide behavior.
  3. Fosters accountability as Christians see how their actions fit into God’s plan for them.
  4. Shapes all aspects of decision-making and promotes follow-through.
  5. Shows future opportunities so you can make plans to join God in His work.
  6. Expands the mind and helps you break out of your habitual patterns of thought.
  7. Clarifies priorities and helps separate what is important to you from what is irrelevant.
  8. Contributes to organize your time, energy, and resources.
  9. Allows you to measure your progress toward spiritual maturity.

Don’t decide and set in concrete a particular spiritual plan until you have completed the proper preparation. Preliminary research and soul-searching are vital to successful spiritual planning. You must come face-to-face with these questions, “Am I willing to be vulnerable?” “Do I want to know God’s plan for my life?” “Once I know it, am I willing to work to achieve the goals He has for me?”

Given the opportunity, God will direct you to create a workable blueprint for spiritual success. As you allow Him, He will reveal His plan for you. Developed the document will help you integrate your daily activities into God’s plan for your life.

Spiritual planning begins with prayer, and a mindset focused on God’s invitation to walk with Him. From the moment you commit to walking with God, you discover that the Walk requires a significant investment of time, energy, and personal resources. In fact, get accustomed to a new “clock,” an unlimited power source, and a re-prioritization of your assets. As you will learn, walking with God is a full-time engagement.