June 13, 2018

When a person is invited to walk with God, their initial reaction is a natural reaction, what will it cost me? What do I have to give up? To move forward, you must deal with that sense of loss. The rich young ruler (Mark 10:17-22) when told, what he must give up, determined that the cost was more than the benefit of following Jesus. This ruler is the only man to approach Jesus and leave sad. He considered his physical riches (“he owned much property”) more valuable than Jesus’s cross. When called to walk with God, you must sell all and leave all, to gain all.


“WHAT MATTERS MOST IS that you are progressing toward the person you would be.”

“THE MOMENT YOU BECOME accountable, you give up innocence and are judged on your decisions—the right choices and the wrong choices.”

“LIVING TODAY AS YOU did yesterday will be a waste of time unless you commit to change your life for the better, beginning now!”

“LIFE’S NOT ABOUT MAKING more money, moving higher up the company chain or, being famous; it’s about making someone feel important today.”