The Bamboo Tree, A Lesson In PATIENCE

Zig Ziglar’s illustration of patience is excellent.  I commit to reading it for 30 days each morning upon arising and each night before going to bed. Can this lower my blood pressure and help me increase my tolerance for people and events? Do you want to take a free 30-day trial?

“The Chinese bamboo tree is a remarkable tree. The Chinese plant the seed for the tree water and fertilizes it, but the first year nothing happens. The second year they continue watering and fertilizing it, but still nothing. The third-year nothing. The fourth year they continued to water and fertilize it, with no evident result. Then during the fifth year, in six weeks the Chinese bamboo tree grows ninety feet. But it didn’t grow ninety feet in just those six weeks. If during any of those years they hadn’t watered and fertilized the seed daily, there would have been no Chinese bamboo tree.”

“OFTEN WHEN YOU EXCELL, you will be the only one that knows it. Applaud yourself for being responsible.”

“A PROVERB OF THOSE who experience peace, don’t wait for validation. If it’s moral, doesn’t hurt anyone, and you feel right about it, do it.”

 “DON’T THINK OF 24 hours as a day. Think of it as a time for living. Some choose to live well; some don’t.”

 “THE UNKNOWING SAY, ‘Over the long run, you’ll get what you deserve.’ God said, ‘Trust in my Son and at the end, you’ll receive mercy.’”

“SCRIPTURE IS EXCELLENT in identifying the goal and the outcome. Example, Billy Graham’s goal was to preach the Word, and the result was, ‘Welcome home thy good and faithful servant.’”