Something to Think About

July 10, 2019 –

  • Don’t give food to the viper that bites your hand. Accept that is what vipers do. ~Wayne Nalls
  • No matter what people tell you when the death curtain closes, you are judged on your performance only, not the supporting cast. ~Wayne Nalls
  • What I see in you are my negative traits; what I expect you to see in me are my positive characteristics. ~Wayne Nalls
  • The essence of joy is that a man should so live that he finds happiness in the present, and not in filtered remembrances of the past. ~Wayne Nalls
  • Preaching sermons and singing songs lead to spiritual defeat. Preaching sermons and singing songs that engage and assures spiritual victory. ~Wayne Nalls
  • Joy isn’t about wealth, position, talent, or IQ. It’s about being grateful for what you have. ~Wayne Nalls