Reader’s Comment on Dec. 26, 2018 article: The ONE New Year Resolution

January 1, 2019


When working at Purdue Pharma, we were always expected to set our goals. I remember taking great care to spend timeless hours analyzing the past year and evaluating all the areas where my district came up short.

I applied a very critical view of what each person in my district could do to improve and what I could do to help them. Then I met with them to gain agreement on the actions needed to achieve the expected results.

For some of my reps, this was a meaningful encounter, but for others, I knew our discussion was a waste of time.

The point you made about people setting targets/goals and knowing darn well they will never achieve their goals hit me hard. I was reminded of those reps that went through the goal-setting process knowing they were never committed to achieving their goal.

Excellent article and ‘spot on.’

David Denning 12/31/18