Victor Dorman

The first paragraph of an obituary column in the March 12, 1995, issue of the New York Times read: “Victor Dorman, who helped change the way Americans buy cheese by putting ‘the Paper Between the Slices.’” He was 80. This short summation sums up a lifetime of achievements.

Many lives are eminently forgettable. Once in a while, someone manages to put “the paper between the slices.” For example, Biblical characters who put the paper between the slices are:

Abraham — the Man of faith

Jacob — the Trickster

Moses — the Servant of God

Balaam — the Man who experience God through a talking donkey

David — the Man after God’s own heart

Enoch — the Man who walked with God

Job — the Man of patience

Paul — the Missionary to the Gentiles

John the Apostle — the Disciple Jesus loved

What is the summation of your life? Will it be forgettable or, like, Noah, Enoch, and Levi, will it read the Man or Woman who walked with God?

Life is too fleeting, and Heaven and Hell are too eternal not to walk with God.

The more determined you are on walking with God, the less tolerant you’ll be of sin or self. What is one thing I can do immediately to bring myself closer to a walk with God? Focus on activities that help you walk with God. How would your day be different if you organized your, Time, Energy, and Resources around the goal of walking with God, instead of around your current goal? If you want to know how far you walked with God today, list the things you did in the last 24 hours that demonstrate love for Him and love a neighbor.