Quotes by Wayne Nalls

October 6, 2019 –

  • God doesn’t need our assistance; He invites us to take part in His miracle.
  • The greatest obstacle to power in the church is not Christians—it is the illusion some people have they are Christians.
  • God places obstacles in your way so that you may experience the joy of His Power.
  • Adversity sharpened the New Testament church; prosperity dulls the contemporary church.
  • When you think too highly of yourself, you think too lowly of others.
  • Within self-importance lies the key to self-inferiority.
  • People want to travel the road to success, but few travel the path of service.
  • In life, all are invited, but few choose to RSVP and guarantee themselves a place at “the table prepared for them.”
  • The past is the darkness that won’t release you to live in the present.
  • Reducing chaos doesn’t result in peace and joy. Peace and Joy are the results of adding Jesus to your life.
  • What you do is important, so is what you don’t do.
  • Stress occurs when we amplify brain contribution and ignore the heart’s input.
  • God created a relationship contract with man. Man defaulted on the agreement and cannot repay the debt. God forgave the debt by sending His Son to redeem man. Have you accepted the canceled debt?