No Excuse For Not Witnessing

October 16, 2019 –

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”― Benjamin Franklin

Christians who make excuses for avoiding witnessing seldom take part in worship; they are too busy being a spectator. But, Christians who witness use a variety of witnessing methods. The method doesn’t matter. The fact they witness does. The world needs more no-excuse witnesses. 

In her comment to a recent Facebook posting, Suzanne Deston Franco wrote, “Wayne, there are sooo many out there who don’t have a clue….. We were the blessed ones who grew up in a Christian society…… One small thing we do when out for dinner is to say to the waiter, ‘We’re going to say Grace before our meal. Is there anything we can pray for you?’ “Works 99% of the time! We’ve had wait staff kneel, hold our hands, etc!!

It’s AMAZING how people will open up with a real need!!!”

Suzanne’s witnessing approach is an example of lifestyle evangelism. Are you prepared to say Grace when you eat out?