Introducing People to Jesus

February 27, 2019

Starting today and continuing for several months, I will use the blog section, QUOTES and STORIES to introduce a personal witnessing program, I call “Introduce People to Jesus.”

You probably believe—if you have been a Christian for some time—you should pray for all the lost people, in all-encompassing terms. You hypothesize, gathering the millions of loss under one prayer umbrella, you can, at the same time to pray, that all the missionaries and ministers be empowered to win the world’s lost people

You’re wrong. That’s not God’s plan. He wants you to ask for daily bread, not a month’s supply. He wants you to introduce someone to Jesus, not get bogged down in the hopelessness of trying to win the world’s millions of lost people.

Jesus wants you to get involved on a one-to-one basis. Jesus calls us to share the realities of our faith. It is time to face up to our witnessing responsibility. We need to answer with Isaiah, “Here am I, send me.

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