July 4, 2018

Church leaders should look at the church sign and message that goes on it like a business owner. The sign is usually in a high-trafficked area and makes many impressions on the people riding by each day. This promotion sign is often overlooked.

I’ve noticed signs with the message, “Merry Christmas,” but the problem is its February. Another misuse of the sign is to tell people your church is air-conditioned, or they are welcome. It should be a given that the church is air-conditioned (if needed) and all people are welcomed. “Free Parking,” always tests my senses. People visiting the church don’t expect to pay for parking, and most churches have need of more cars, not parking spaces.

People expect free parking, air-conditioned buildings, friendly people, good sermons and good music. What they don’t expect is an invitation to have Jesus walk out of the pages of the Bible and into their lives or an invite to join in the journey that leads to a walk with God.

Of course, there are some great messages on church signs that Steve and Pam Paulson share in their book, “Church Signs Across America,”

“Worry is the Sin of Not Trusting God.” Woodlawn Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

“The Ability to Lie is a Liability,” Our Savior’s Community Church, Palm Springs, California

“Prayer is a Spiritual Exercise — Are You in Shape?” Altadena Community Church Altadena, California

“Don’t Give Up! Moses was Once a Basket Case!” First Covenant Church, Denver, Colorado

“God Grades on the Cross. Not on the Curve.” Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Trumbull Connecticut


CHURCHES ARE IN THE relationship-building business and should have a posting board for job seekers and employment opportunities. If you’ve never been unemployed, you won’t understand the profoundness of this idea.

WHY NOT SEEK OUT the advice of senior citizens who bear the scars of battles fought and wisdom gained? Let not age intimidate. Not everyone that’s young is wise, and not everyone that’s old is a fool. Age is an ingredient for success but, not the only component.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT often the church teaches and preaches religion, but in the world, people must practice compassion and love.

COMPASSION IS WHEN YOU look at your neighbor through God’s eyes and respond as God would respond.

“PEOPLE DO WELL TO love their friends as they are, not the way they expect them to be.”

“LIFE’S NOT ABOUT MAKING more money, moving higher up the company chain or, being famous; it’s about making someone feel important today.”