6. Be Sensitive to Opportunities

April 17, 2019 –

“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men.” Galatians 6:10

Constantly search for new opportunities to witness. Be sensitive to the needs of family members, neighbors, business associates, employees, customers, schoolmates, all with whom you come in contact.

Today, take time to look, listen and witness. Opportunities, as William Penn said, “should never be lost, because they can hardly be regained.” Sharpen your spiritual senses and you can become more aware of the opportunities to witness.

By now, your prayer life and Bible study have given you the assurance that God has commanded you to be be His witness. You have the confidence that He is with you. Now you need to expect opportunities, daily.


Lord, lay some soul upon my heart, And love that soul through me;

And may l bravely do my part to win that soul for Thee.

Lord, lead me to some soul in sin And grant that I may be endued with

power and love to win that soul, dear Lord, for Thee.

To win that soul for Thee alone will be my constant prayer; That when

I’ve reached the great white throne I’ll meet that dear one there.

From the Broadman Hymnal. ©Copyright 1940

Renewal 1988 Broadman Press. All rights reserved.

Used by permission.