Who is On Your Happiness Bus?

August 24, 2022 –

The passengers on your happiness bus contribute to who you are and what you become. Because you are the driver and owner of the bus, you determine who rides on your bus.

Here are some people who are already on your bus and some waiting travelers. Sell tickets to the positive people and remove negative passengers.

Toxic Passengers

Toxic passengers will slowly drain the life out of you and pollute everyone on the bus. Eliminating these hostile passengers will allow for more energy on your bus.

Complaining Passengers

You probably have a complainer passenger—someone who never sees the rainbow, only the rain.

Passengers who want to bring you down

Some passengers attempt to make you feel uncomfortable whenever they are on the bus. It is as if they were born to humiliate you and impede your success and happiness. This passenger always drags you down and meddles with your dreams and goals.

Symbiotic relationship passengers

These passengers strive for a mutualist relationship. They gain from knowing you, while you gain from being a mentor to them.


Some passengers give support, foster confidence, and bring hope. These bus riders consistently seek to understand you and your hopes and dreams. Great encouragers help bring out the best in you.

Having the right passengers on your bus can lead to a happy journey. Remove the unruly and misfit passengers from your bus. It’s rare for passengers to change their behavior. It is your bus, and you determine the passengers. Choose wisely.