When You Win, Everyone Wins

October 7, 2020 –

Improving yourself improves those around you. You cannot become a winner without promoting the winning spirit in others. There is no solo success. Here are seven steps for improving yourself and those around you.

  1. Choose To Be Positive

By choosing to have a positive attitude, it is incredible how circumstances bend to accommodate you. A positive attitude serves as a powerful driver of actions. It makes you attempt to even more. 

  1. Expose Yourself To Something New

People are a product of their: Education, Experiences, Entourage, and Environment. Successful people use each day to learn something new, try something new, meet someone new, and visit new places. 

  1. Enjoy Today As If It Were Your Last

See today for what it is: the present and the present is all the guarantee you get. Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing today going to help me achieve my goal?” If the answer is “yes,” then keep doing it. If the answer is “no,” then redirect your activities.  

  1. Define the End Of The Day At the Beginning Of The Day

Spend a minimum of 15 magic minutes first thing each morning planning your day. The goal is to control your day and not let it control you. Work on what matters and don’t get off track. 

  1. Invest In You

Investing in self keeps you growing and contributing. As you become more valuable, you achieve a reputation as a professional and create a broader influence. Set aside some prime time for investing in yourself regularly. 

  1. Execute

Execution is the fundamental key to success and bridges the gap between plans and results. Be a doer. In doing, you gain momentum, and momentum is a game-changer and the most potent force in winning. Be productive; get the right things done. Don’t confuse effectiveness with effort. Focus on results, not activity.

  1. Have Fun and Celebrate Success

Don’t be afraid to celebrate. Significant achievements call for immediate celebration. Celebrating immediately reinforces achievement and leads to further performance. Celebrate progress, not activity.