When the Gospel Hymns Go Silent

July 1, 2020 –

I heard many Gospel hymns growing up in a Southern Baptist church that you seldom hear today. These are excellent songs with a timeless message.

Recently, I attended an outdoor memorial service for a relative of my wife. They conducted the service in a farming community on a beautiful hill outside of Dade City, Florida.

There were a hundred plus family attendees — three daughters and their husbands, another daughter and a son and his wife. Then, there were the kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. Plus, many close friends.

We were seated, on chairs, beneath six Old Florida oak trees that provided shade and a remarkable backdrop for the service. The service featured Aunt Charlotte’s favorite gospel songs: Sweet, Sweet Holy Spirit, What a friend we have in Jesus, Morning has broken, I Believe and Going home.

These songs, long silent in churches, now provided a voice and a message that God still reigns, and He cares for His own. Aunt Charlotte is one of His own and now sings in the huge Heavenly choir.

I find it sad; it took a homecoming to bring back the old gospel songs. I wish the music had lasted longer so I could reminisce about the early church where I first heard them.