August 5, 2020 –

There once was a young man who dreamed of becoming a Taoist monk and martial arts expert. He visited one of the most influential Masters, Chen Ka Ming. This Master was known for his martial arts skills and his philosophy of life.

As the young man entered the Monastery, he was welcomed by Master Chen Ka Ming, who invited him in and asked him why he wanted to become a Taoist monk? Surprised, the Master knew his reason for coming. The young man said, “I want to accomplish majestic things.”

“Very well, the Master said, here is a list of the fundaments of achieving your goal.”

  • Know the purpose of life is the goal, a life lived on purpose is the journey to the goal.” In your journey to becoming a Taoist monk, remember life is misguided when it focuses on getting and forgets to give; this shifts your thought and helps you focus on helping others.
  • Know your strengths and what you are capable of.  You must realize some goals require the strengths and abilities you don’t have. But think big, you are stronger than you believe.
  • Be willing to do small things in a big way. When you do small things with enthusiasm, you see the enormous opportunities. To begin your journey, you must take the first step and another step and then another step.
  • What you do is important, so is what you don’t do. To move from where you are to where you want to go, focus on projects that bring you closer to your goal, and disregard what doesn’t.

Master Chen said, “There is one last piece of advice I must give you.” The young man leaned in awaiting the Master’s last words of wisdom: “If a man dwells on the past, he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The roots of our past nurture the seeds of our destiny.”

As the young man and Master Chen parted, he heard the Master say, “As you go forward, you must pass on to others the knowledge you gained to help them find their path to achievement.”