Wayne’s Quotes

September 9, 2020 –

  • When there is no fear the mind is sealed with peace.
  • If you want to count for something, start by counting the times you’ve said, “Thank you,” today.”
  • The showers of worldly possession do not create a rainbow.
  • Today the odd couple is freedom and responsibility.
  • Plant the seeds of pampered children, and you reap problem adults.
  • Many people see the Bible as the work of an unknown author. The people that know the author see God’s plan for their lives.
  • Don’t assume God is on your side — know with certainty you are on God’s side.
  • Don’t be deceived; to be a positive force for change, you must exit your comfort zone.
  • Never build your self-esteem on the judgments of others.
  • Choose friends to talk with that helps you forget about your problems.• The stumbles of yesterday are the stepping stones for success today.