September 24, 2021 –

When I was in junior high school, our family had a parakeet — Tweedy Pie. She was a curious pet and liked the interaction with us. We knew Tweedy needed daily exercise. So, we opened her cage each day so she could fly around outside her cage. After flying around for fifteen to twenty minutes, Tweedy would perch on her cage, and a family member would go to the cage and put an extended finger out, and Tweedy would hop on it. Then we placed her safely back in the cage.

One day, after opening the cage, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Once inside, we were surprised to see Tweedy not perched on her cage. We found her lying on the kitchen floor, motionless.

Dad called a veterinary and asked what we could do. The vet said, “Wrap the bird in a towel, dip a cotton ball in gasoline, and let her smell it.” We followed his directions. Immediately, our Parakeet revived and flew. About a minute, she crashed to the floor.

You ask, “Did she die”? No, she just ran out of gas.