Trick or Treat

October 26, 2022 – 

My memories of Halloween at my church are non-existent. We didn’t celebrate it. One senior lady described it as the “works of the devil.” We celebrated Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July. 

But, as the sun was setting on the last Saturday in October, all the kids in the neighborhood put on spooky outfits and carried our bag door to door, saying, “Trick or Treat.” The adventure was exciting. We enjoyed the neighborhood parents’ candy, nickels, and other goodies. Even the local Dairy Queen offered trick-and-treaters a tiny ice cream cone.

When we returned home, we ate candy and more candy. There weren’t worries about laced candy or pieces of a razor blade hidden in the candy.

People have stories about a favorite Halloween Trick or Treat evening spent with ghosts and goblins. It was a frightening time that created scary visions, sounds, and movements that were not there. But our imaginations can affect our emotions.

The holiday used to be scary. Now it is terrifying. Poisoned candy, shootings, and other horrific happenings.

Hold on to your Halloween stories. Your memories are better than today’s reality. If you have young children or grandchildren, don’t spoil the event’s excitement, but be watchful and check all the treats they bring home.