December 17, 2020 –

“For all of life’s disparities in talent and wealth, each of us is given exactly the same amount of time in each hour, and in each day, and in each year. It is a limited amount, and it is impossible for anyone to be so rich in “time” that he can enjoy every single thing that time may buy. So, as I have said earlier, there are choices to be made. But it is very important for each of us that these choices be made consciously, with as much knowledge as possible of their consequences. You should consider these choices not only in terms of financial reward, and enjoyment of work but in terms of how much time they will demand. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus said more than 2,000 years ago, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” The French satirist Rabelais said pretty much the same thing 1800 years later: “Nothing is so dear and precious as time.”

William Rehnquist, former chief justice, US Supreme Court