Thomas and His New Glove

July 6, 2023 –

Thomas was not shy about his new first baseman’s glove. It was new and large. The rest of our team used old gloves purchased at a local pawnshop or yard sale. Our gloves were smaller but did the same as Tomas’ mitt, protecting the hand while catching a baseball.

There was a time in baseball history when the players preferred to catch the ball with their bare hands lest they be called a “sissy” or a “softy” for wearing a glove. 12-year-old Thomas was not a sissy. He was 5’ 6” tall and weighed 155 pounds.

When we went out on the field, Thomas took his position at first base, clutching his new glove. I was the center fielder. Our shirts didn’t have numbers or names, but team members knew I was #7: the New York Yankees, Mickey Mantle.

After the umpire said, “Play ball,” we took to the field.

The first two innings were scoreless. Because we were the home team, our opponents batted first in the third. Their leadoff batter swung on the first pitch and popped a high foul ball toward first base, where Tomas was.

Thomas positioned himself under the ball and raised his glove to catch the ball. But. in doing so, he blocked his view of the ball. Now, every baseball player knows they must keep their eye on the ball. Our first baseman shifted his bigger-than-life glove to find the ball. He didn’t find the ball; the ball found him. When Thomas moved his glove in a split second, the ball hit him on his head.

Keeping your eye on the ball is a way of reminding people to pay attention to a situation. Stay focused on their task or goal, even when they can’t see the ball.

Today, concentrate on achieving your specific achievable goals. Keep your eye on the ball and get precisely what you want.