The Toilet Paper Hording Effect

May 20, 2021 –

You see the toilet paper hoarding effect often these days. A mysterious force driven by emotion that operates in times of emergency or perceived emergencies to buy all of the paper you can. Therefore, causing a shortage of the product.

It’s mid-May 2021, and the Southeast is facing a gas shortage due to a major pipeline having been hacked. The toilet paper hoarding effect has taken hold. Everyone is filling up their vehicles. The herd mentality has taken over, forcing many gas stations to close for lack of gasoline.

Having recently moved into a Senior Living facility, I enjoy all the immensities, especially the idea of three served meals a day. My wife and I don’t have to use our car for anything unless we choose. So, we will wait for the gas shortage to disappear and not sit in line at Sam’s. I’m guessing I will pay more even though the hoarding is over.