The Secret of the Staple Remover

May 11, 2022 –

It sometimes appears I have seen everything. But seeing someone make a complex task out of using a hand staple remover reminds me there are yet areas to be discovered.

One day at work, I watched a young intern carry out her job assignment, removing staples from a pile of papers and separating them to be shredded. As I watched her, I realized that any simple task can be made complicated by untrained people. The intern was using her hand stapler remover improperly. Instead of inserting the two teeth under the flat side of the staple and squeezing the remover to release the staple, she flipped the document and used the prongs to straighten out the two backside stables. Then, she flipped once again the document and slid the teeth under the front side of the staple, and removed the staple.

It happens, In the hustle and bustle of work, we accidentally staple unrelated documents and need a tool to fix the error. Presto, the simple hand staple remover.

Used properly, a hand staple remover can quickly pull out even the most stubborn staples with ease without tearing holes in the papers you are separating. Used improperly, you risk ruining your documents with rips. And waste time while looking foolish.

Knowing how to use a staple remover makes it the perfect tool for the job. The question is the operator properly trained to do the job?