The Road to Jerusalem or the ROAD TO SALVATION

March 4, 2021 –

People must first successfully navigate the Road to Jerusalem before they venture forth to journey the other three roads. The Road to Jerusalem connects the world with the cross and the empty tomb.

 Every person travels the Road to Jerusalem. Some out of curiosity, some to scoff and mock, others to be a part of the on-looking crowd, and yet others walk the road and realize—like the second thief of the cross, the third man being crucified, the man in the middle, is innocent and righteous, a man whose impending death was a sacrificial death.

Successful travelers on the Road to Jerusalem make the connection between the cross and the empty tomb. The Road to Jerusalem focuses on the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Sunday) of Jesus. People must decide, is Jesus Christ who He claimed to be, or is He an imposter. People may choose to be defiant, indifferent, or acceptant of Jesus. For those who travel the Road to Jerusalem and decide not to go further, the only road left for them is the Road to Hell. 

The traveler who has a consciousness of genuine guilt confesses their sins and invites Jesus into their life; the road leads past the empty tomb and to the next road — The Road to Emmaus.