The Nursery Mom

August 2, 2023 –

The lady wasn’t a pastor, deacon, or church staff member. She didn’t teach a Sunday School class or oversee a church committee. She didn’t attend Sunday School or the morning worship service. But she was the queen of the church nursery.

All the church congregation — young and old — knew Mrs. Harward. In thirty years of her queenship, she changed the diapers of many of the congregation’s young adults and teenage members.

I remember Mrs. Harward as faithful: she was on deck every Sunday. The silver-haired lady loved the children and their parents, and the parents and children responded with love for her. She had the patience of a Saint with so many diapers to change. She produced the fruits of the Holy Spirit in her life and fulfilled her purpose by living out the scripture verse that says, “Whatsoever the hand finds to do, do it.”

The day God called the “Nursery Mom” home, He welcomed her with these words, “Welcome home, thy good and faithful servant, and I want you to meet ‘Dorcas.’