The Middle Child

September 27, 2023 –

The first and third children have advantages over the middle siblings. First-borns are usually more experienced, show leadership qualities, and are more aggressive. The third-born is often easier-going, calmer, and practical. The youngest is smiley and charming and gets much attention for their sunny disposition.

It isn’t great being a middle child.

The Old Testament character Aaron confirms that an older and younger sibling can be a problem. He was sandwiched between his sister Miriam and his iconic younger brother Moses, who was also second in command.

Being the middle child did not rule out Aaron becoming his own man. God selected him as His brother’s spokesperson to plead for the Israelites’ freedom before Pharaoh. He is the traditional founder and head of the Israelite priesthood. Aaron’s life shows God’s ability to use the obedient and faithful man or woman in the middle to fulfill His plan.

Being the middle child, whether by age or talent, doesn’t matter. When God chooses you as His servant, he will give you the strength and courage to complete the task. Despite what we see with our eyes, be brave, cross The Red Sea, and set out to your Promised Land.