The Master on Truth

September 2, 2020 –

The early morning knock on the door startled and awoke the Master, Chen Ka Ming.

“Who is there,” he said.

“It is me, your disciple, Cho Lo.”

Shaken the morning fog from his head, the Master invited Cho to enter and tell him what he wanted. Cho entered the room, bowed reverently, and spoke with a quiet voice, “Master, I wish to know the truth.”

“Young disciple,” the Master said, “You are not alone in the quest for truth. All of my disciples come to me and seek the answer to the same question. The answer is always the same; the truth is the love that bonds society.” Unlike beliefs, opinions, assertions, or something imagined, truth is reality. We do not create truth; designed or manufacture; we discover it. To know the truth, one must find it.”

Then the ancient Master said, “Cho Lo, you were taught from childhood onward that there is no truth. People grow up with this idea and gain evidence that every thought, belief, and principle is flexible. Facts are scalable and present the views of the speaker.”

One day, after you have grown accustomed to opening your mind to new thoughts, you’ll understand that the Great Master doesn’t describe truth as the opposite of falsity. He took falsity, and out of it created the truth: He is love.

The Master’s Five Precepts:

  • Truth is not seen nor heard; we experience it.
  • Never get so fascinated with a fact you fail to check its authenticity. It is true only if verifiable. 
  • The night cannot darken the truth. Truth is light, but the light is not the truth.
  • Truth isn’t found in a golden crown but a crown of thorns.
  • Refrain from being the author of truth.

Cho Lo knelt, and without hesitation, said. “Master, now I understand. You have helped me see that truth is love.”