The Man Who Introduced People to Jesus

September 7, 2022 –

A Christian once lived in a nice subdivision and told his neighbors about Jesus. He introduced many people to Jesus; his local church gave him a personal parking space near the church’s entry.

He stood by his car on Sunday mornings and called out a friendly welcome to all the church people. He became so popular that he waited inside the church and let the people come to him. The man thought, “Why should I be out knocking on doors and greeting the people on Sunday morning?”

His mantra became to let someone else do the work in the trenches. He allowed others to fulfill their mission, to go, therefore. He had done his job, and it was time to sit back; and watch all the seeds he had planted become big, beautiful fruit.

The man cut back his time introducing people to Jesus and welcoming church visitors, praying for lost acquaintances, studying his Bible less, and often forgetting his daily prayer time.

His spiritual enthusiasm and love for people fell overnight. He said, “I’ve done many good works. I’ve stored up many rewards in heaven. Take life easy; eat, drink, and be merry.”

This spiritual fool thought he had many rewards awaiting him. Absorbed in what he had done, the man didn’t realize there were people around him awaiting an introduction to Jesus.    

Spiritual Moral: It’s an indictment of spiritual complacency to look at what you have done and not see the fields “white unto harvest.” When we fail to introduce people to the Lord—we fail.