The Lighthouse

August 17, 2022 –

While sitting on my rocker on the front porch, a memory story flashed in my mind. It was the story of a fisherman and his son being lost in a storm. The wind and rain of the thunderstorm threw the boat off course. They lost sight of the shoreline without stars to guide them and the total darkness.

On land, the man’s wife was busy baking a cake when suddenly she tripped and knocked over the oil lamp, causing a fire that quickly engulfed the house and burned it down. The lady was safe, but the home was only fire, smoke, and ashes.

Meanwhile, the father and son saw the house fire on the shore, which provided direction for reaching the coast. The flames of the fire caused the house to burn down. It also served as a lighthouse to help save the father and son.

This story got me thinking about lighthouses, and I remember a gospel song we often sang in our church—The Lighthouse.

There’s a lighthouse on the hillside

That overlooks life’s sea

When I’m tossed it sends out a light

That I might see

And the light that shines in darkness now

Will safely lead us home

If it wasn’t for the lighthouse

My ship would be no more

Then my mind goes back to that one dark stormy night

When just in time, I saw the light

Yes, it was the light from that old lighthouse

That stands there up there on the hill