The Disappearing Pie

December 14, 2022 –

I heard the story of a pastor and one of his associate pastors who visited the home of an elderly church member. The lady, a church member for 20 years, was under the weather and was excited about the home visit.

After bringing the pastors up to date on her health and recent activities, she insisted on serving homemade squash pie. The two pastors were not among the squash pie lovers, but not wishing to offend their parishioner, they took the pie’s slice when offered. The pie had a strange odor, and the prospects of this pie sampling were not what either pastor wanted.

The senior pastor wolfed the pie and secretly prayed to God, “If I get it down, Lord, please keep it down.” He looked at the other pastor, and his pie dish was empty. How did he swallow the pie so fast? The pastor thought. He couldn’t have eaten it and must have put it in the flowerpot beside him.

Before they left, they prayed with the lady and quickly departed. Once outside, the senior pastor asked what he had done with the pie, afraid he had placed it in the flowerpot, and the lady would soon notice it.

The second pastor said, “I couldn’t eat the pie, so I slipped it into my inside coat pocket. I figured cleaning the coat was cheaper than going to the ER.”