The Butterfly Effect

August 5, 2021 –

I got thinking about how much fun I had chasing butterflies when I was a kid. Butterflies were everywhere, and they were beautiful in color and design. Today I seldom see a butterfly. Maybe we should put them on the endangered list.

When I lived and worked in South Florida, I often drove by “Butterfly World.” This tourist attraction houses several beautiful gardens and is the home to over 20,000 exotic butterflies and unusual birds. People pay $39.95 to view the butterflies, birds, and gardens.

Though I never stopped and toured Butterfly Word, it reminds me of “The Butterfly Effect.” This theory says a butterfly flapping its wings in Peking, China contributes to the tornado in Lawrence, Kansas. Small causes have a significant consequence.

This thought suggests that every person can influence their actions, attitudes, and even others’ health. If one person can make a difference, can one act also make a difference? Why not test the idea? Decide each morning for the next week that you will say, “Have a “Blessed Day,” or “Thank you” (depending on the situation) to everyone you encounter.

Follow this plan for one week. Address everyone with one of the above statements. You judge if the Butterfly Effect works. When you have a positive (or negative) impact on someone, the chances are that person will pass it on like a ripple in the lake.

If you only change your life, that counts too.