The Bikers Next Door

November 16, 2022 –

The sales of motorcycles continue to decline for the first nine months of 2022. Sales have been 384.997, down 5.6% because of the chain of supply problems and the increased production costs for components.

As I ride down the road, I am amazed that many Florida motorcyclists don’t wear safety helmets; the state does not have a helmet law. Maybe these bikers believe they are less accident-prone than cyclists in other states.

When my wife and I were first married, we lived in a small duplex with duplexes on both sides. Though the parking spaces weren’t marked, each resident had one parking space.

One evening, as my wife and I were ready to go out to dinner, I found our parking space blocked by three cycles. I went to the neighbor’s duplex and politely asked him to remove the Scooters. His indigent answer was, “Scooters? Those are Hogs, not Scooters”—my faux pas. But three Harley bikers came out and moved their hogs.

Hog riders say life is more fun when you are on a Hog. If you prefer riding on two wheels with or without a helmet, that’s fine. I enjoy riding in my four-wheel car with a roof over my head.