Texting Songbooks

February 9, 2022 –

I have four vintage songbooks (Hymnals) set on a bookshelf in my office. I haven’t seen a songbook (Hymnal) in the church pew in many years. The songs are projected on the giant jumbotron, mounted in the back or side of the podium. I believe when you hold a songbook in your hand, you sing better.

I suppose that I’ve heard 750 or more songs from church songbooks over the years. Growing up, I often listened to the song “Amazing Grace.” This well-loved and oft-sung hymn, written by John Newton in the late eighteenth century, is a powerful reminder of God’s saving power. It is probably the most beloved hymn of all time for many Christians.

When I was a young teenager, the songs were meaningful. But the song titles played an essential role for young boys and girls to experience their budding romance. As we sat with friends, we sought out words in song titles that contained the words we wished to share with another person—often a special friend.

For example, “Oh, How I Love Jesus.”, the keywords being “I Love.” Then, we searched for a song with” you” included. The text was, “I Love You.” It was simple and effective. We were not talking or disturbing the worship service, just “text messaging.”