Ten Thoughts

May 18, 2022 –

It sometimes seems as though we spend more time with negative thoughts than we do with positive ones. As Willie Nelson pointed out, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

  1. To work out WHO AM I is important. To discover the GREAT, I AM is essential.
  2. The Bible, it is said, is the handbook for life — providing, of course, we read it and apply its lessons.
  3. For the passenger on the arriving train, the journey is over. A passenger on a departing train will experience an unknown but exciting journey.
  4. It’s impossible to erase or change the past. But it is possible to move beyond it.
  5. The art of success consists of being busy when an opportunity presents itself.
  6. Nirvana happens when people quit wanting what they don’t need and freely give what they have.
  7. Make time for others. You are not alone on this planet. God didn’t create this planet just for you. People need people, and someone needs you.
  8. Once we reward everyone for participating instead of winning, then everyone will begin to only care about participating.
  9. Jesus doesn’t save based on your past; He saves based on you owning up to your past and inviting Him into your present.
  10. There is no place you can’t meet Jesus, but some places offer better opportunities.