Something Out of Nothing

September 13, 2023 –

When a child creates an image on paper, we see the drawing and say they have made something from nothing. But that is not true. The child had paper and a drawing tool by which they created something original.

The word ex niello describes the creation of something out of nothing. The thought out of nothing comes something is hard to conceive, but that is what God did in the Creation. He spoke, and the result was heaven and earth.

The book of Jeremiah contains the story of a potter forming a jar out of a piece of clay. And, when he found a flaw in the pot, he formed it into another pot that was pleasing to him. God created something from nothing. The potter used the marred clay pot to recreate a pot that was pleasing to him.

The Master Potter takes the marred and shattered life, and, in His hands, God creates a new life holy and acceptable to Him. Allow God to take the pieces of your worldly heart and remold them pleasing in His sight. You may believe you have nothing to offer, but out of nothing, God shapes a new life acceptable to Him.